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Should You Worry about Salt?

~Dr. Gabe Mirkin's Fitness and Health e-Zine

Recent studies show that both taking in too little and too much salt can cause high blood pressure to increase your risk for heart attacks and strokes. Most North Americans can get all the salt they need without using a salt shaker because:
* The North American diet typically contains up to ten times the minimal daily salt requirement
* Food manufacturers add extra salt (and sugar) to most prepared foods just to make them taste better
* Meat, poultry and seafood are rich sources of salt
If you doubled or tripled your salt losses through sweating, you may still not be deficient because you probably take in far more salt than you need.

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May - National Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month

Spring is peak season for asthma and allergy sufferers, and that's why the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) declared May to be "National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month." There is no cure for asthma and allergies, and many deaths are preventable with proper treatment and care so come in for education about these diseases and we can provide further testing if appropriate.

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Artificial Sweeteners, Strokes and Dementia

~Dr. Gabe Mirkin's Fitness and Health e-Zine

People who take one diet soda a day are nearly three times more likely than non-diet soda drinkers to suffer a stroke or to become demented, according to a study published this week (Stroke, April 20, 2017). Both sugar drinkers and artificial-sweetener drinkers were at increased risk for having smaller brains and advanced brain aging.

The study shows only an association between consuming diet sodas and increased rates of strokes and dementia. The authors caution that "Clinical trials are needed to establish whether the consumption of artificially sweetened beverages is causally related to [strokes or] dementia." Meanwhile, they recommend that "people drink water on a regular basis instead of sugary or artificially sweetened beverages.”

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