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COVID-19 Updates

Statement on Alaska Early Treatment Summit

We understand you may have questions regarding Dr. Nolte’s involvement in the Alaska Early Treatment Summit. Firstly, Dr. Nolte’s support of the conference and its message is not universally shared by all the providers at Hillside Family Medicine.  Secondly, Hillside has never been and is not anti-vaccine.  Dr. Nolte’s involvement in the conference was in hopes to help educate people regarding the importance of early treatment of COVID-19 and keep people out of the hospital.  Many people seek care too late when treatments such as monoclonal antibodies are only effective within the 1-10 day timeline for BOTH onset of symptoms AND positive test result. Many of our patients have not received the public health message that self care, support of the immune system, and treatment of vitamin D deficiency significantly decreases risk of severe complications of COVID-19.  The conference did bring to light that there may be safety concerns regarding the currently available COVID-19 vaccines in certain circumstances. As always the providers at Hillside strive to discuss risks and benefits of every vaccine and support each patient’s individual informed decision. This is new territory for every single healthcare provider and our goal is not to create division, but discussion, and give our patients the best care possible. We hope to continue caring for you and your family and thank you for choosing Hillside Family Medicine as part of your healthcare team.

Here is a copy of the early outpatient treatment protocol. COVID-19 Suggested Outpatient Treatment

To Our Valued Patients,

Hillside Family Medicine is open for business! We are still taking steps to mitigate the spread of COVID19, and follow the SOA Health Advisories. We have taken many steps to protect our patients’ health, including creating a system for virtual telemedicine appointments. This allows you to see your medical provider who has access to your medical record, understands you, is able to write and refill prescriptions, and give you recommendations just as they would in a regular visit. We are still scheduling on-site appointments for those that need them, including examinations that cannot be properly performed outside of a clinical setting, as well as laboratory and x-ray services.

In order to protect our patients and staff, we have implemented protocols to help maintain a safe environment:  

  • All staff and patients are required to wear masks, which will be provided to patient at check-in.
  • Persons with respiratory symptoms, including staff members, will not be allowed on-site.
  • We are now offering easy-access, HIPAA compliant telemedicine appointments through Updox. A link will be sent to you by your provider once the medical assistants have called and collected the necessary information for your appointment. The link will be sent via text or e-mail, whichever is your preference.
  • We have reduced touchpoints in all patient areas (pens, magazines, water dispensers, etc.).
  • All Areas are disinfected frequently.
  • Patients are given the option to wait in their cars until they are brought back to a patient room, if preferred.
  • We ask that patients attend their appointments alone if possible.

We are also offering COVID-19 testing for our established patients. All COVID-19 test samples are collected by the patient via self-swab in the patient's personal vehicle. The medical receptionist will provide instructions on how to proceed with the appointment upon scheduling. Directions and monitoring for test sample collection will be provided by the medical assistants. If you are symptomatic a telemedicine appointment is required for evaluation to determine if a COVID-19 test is needed along with providing any further treatment, prescriptions and medical plan based off of the medical assessment. Test results usually take 24-72hrs but may take longer due to the increase in testing to comply with health and travel advisories.

If you test positive for COVID-19, fall within the 1-10 day timeline for BOTH onset of symptoms AND positive test result, and would like to receive the Monoclonal Antibody Infusion you can request the treatment at the new WEKA COVID Treatment Center or through the Fairweather Infusion Center.  For information on Monoclonal Antibodies, eligibility, and scheduling please see the WEKA website or call the Fairweather Infusion Center at (907) 227-7699.  Both locations are also listed on the Municipality of Anchorage Coronavirus Response website.  Please do not wait to schedule treatment as it is most effective in the first 3 days after testing positive or symptom onset.

For patients that are interested specifically, in receiving Ivermectin as early treatment or prevention, Dr. John Nolte, Dr. Miriam Nolte, and Dr. Julie Stewart are the providers at Hillside Family Medicine offering this medication as part of the early outpatient treatment protocol.

We do not have the COVID-19 Vaccine here at Hillside Family Medicine but there are multiple locations throughout Alaska that do have the vaccine available.  Go to the COVID-19 Vaccine Status Update page on the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services website and you can find out if your eligible for the vaccine, where the vaccine is available and even schedule an appointment.

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our community and are doing everything in our power to maintain a safe environment for both our patients and staff members.  We are thankful to live in a place like Alaska where we are effectively working together to overcome these obstacles and encourage one another.

We will be consistently updating our Facebook page and website as new information arises. Please call the clinic if there is anything we can do for you.  We are happy to help!

For you, your family, your future,

Your Hillside Family Medicine Team


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